Industrial Kitchens

Leif Mohr is the leading Faroese supplier of large kitchens for institutions, the industry, and the hospitality industry. Durable solutions, a high level of service and a lot of experience are our hallmarks. 

We provide turnkey solutions, which can be either standard solutions or custom solutions for the customer’s specific needs, often in close collaboration with the architect. Through our network of subcontractors, we have a large selection of kitchen units and individual parts and can provide almost anything on the market. We have provided large kitchens for many public institutions as well as hotels and restaurants in the Faroe Islands, where our experience and expertise have been necessary to live up to the comprehensive requirements. 

In addition to the kitchens themselves, we often provide bars, buffets, refrigerators, and freezers. Advanced solutions with multiple types of dishwasher or dishwasher tunnels, where the tableware is washed in various stages, dried, and moved from one place to another. Vit deep knowledge about how to ensures good hygiene, functionality, and ergonomics. Our high service level is famous in the industry.